We are a group of seasoned analytical specialists. Building upon 100+ years of combined experience inside companies like Agilent, Varian and Chrompack, we offer a range of high quality OEM products for the analytical instrumentation market. 

These products range from robotics for sample handling to analytical grade flow and pressure control. Also the delicate task of FID detector signal handling is safe in our capable hands. 

Partnering with ModuVision will bring you substantial benefits.


Short Time to Market

By choosing our products you can focus on the analytical challenge at hand and save you large amounts of R&D time and budget. 


Reduce risk

We have already done the difficult work for you so that there are no surprises. Not only during the development of your next analytical instrument but also later during scale up and volume production. 



We apply the same concept to many different instrumentation applications. You can rely on maturity and robustness of our designs and our attention to detail in manufacturing. 

Primariz Headspace xyz Sampler

Primariz OEM XYZ-Autosampler

The Primariz is a workhorse xyz autosampler for manufacturers of analytical laboratory instrumentation. Due to its flexible design it can easily be deployed in a multitude of demanding applications. 


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D2EPC-2 moduvision

D2EPC-2 Analytical Grade Flow and Pressure control

There are many Mass Flow Controller (MFC) manufacturers. None of them have the pure analytical instrument background that ModuVision has to offer. We know what is needed in delicate analytical flow and pressure applications such as complex split/splitless configurations for GC. Give us a call to discuss your next project and find out! 

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FIDCU-3 electrometer module

FID Detector Interfacing

If you want the best signal quality out of your Flame Ionisation or Pulse Discharge Detector with or without auto-ranging, you can rely on the excellent stability of our FIDCU-3 product. 

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