Robotic Cooler

Stand Alone Robotic Cooler

The stand/alone version of the Robotic Cooler is intended for system integrators and value added resellers that need a high sample capacity cooled storage for their sample processing systems. For this reason the mounting clamps that are used to mount the cooler onto the Autosampler rail are not present on this version of the Robotic Cooler.

Instead, the cooler is fixated on the sample processing system of the system integrator. The control of the cooler (e.g. commands to open/close a drawer on demand to the desired position, either fully or partially extended) is done using a software API. By using this API the system integrator can implement control of the Robotic Cooler from within the software that controls the complete sample processing system. The hardware interfacing is done using CAN. Sample code, written in C#, is available and can be used as a starting point to speed up the software integration process.







Typical Applications

The perfect application for the stand/alone Robotic Cooler is any system where a large amount of sample vials and/or microtiter plates need to be kept precisely cooled and where they can be stored either manually or automatically by a robot.

For manual access to the cooler each drawer is equiped with a touch button. This also means that the cooler has full awareness about the state of the drawers at all times. The state of the drawers can also monitored by the system integator's software. Furthermore, the manual access of the drawers can be locked under software control.

For fully automated systems the vials and/or MTPs can be placed into the cooler by an external robot. In this case the cooler is under full control of the system integrator's software. Manual access is still possible when required.