Primariz OEM XYZ-Autosampler

Application Areas

The PRIMARIZ robotic xyz autosampler has been specifically designed for instrument manufacturers that wish to add sample introduction and/or sample prep capabilities to their systems.

The PRIMARIZ was developed from the ground up with the following criteria in mind:

  • Reliability at a moderate price level
  • Highly adaptable to the specific OEM needs
  • Simple and flexible software integration into the OEM application environment

The four preconfigured instrument variations are:

  • General Purpose Liquid autosampler
  • Static Headspace with incubator, heated syringe and gas rinsing of the syringe
  • HPLC with cooled stacked tray and fast wash station
  • GC with or without sub-ambient cooled tray

Furthermore, in close cooperation with you, we can create many configurations from standard building blocks as well as develop new techniques and options. 
The width of the autosampler can be selected in steps of 110mm from 447mm to 887mm.

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Areas in which the PRIMARIZ robotic sampler can be used are:
•  Elemental Analysis
•  Spectroscopy
•  Viscosity
•  Gas Chromatography
•  Liquid Chromatography

and many others

Primariz MVT667-GC on Agilent 7890

Integration into your system or application

At ModuVision we welcome to work together on your next sample automation project. We are eager to find the best possible solution to automate sample handling on your system. 
All of our engineers have an instrumentation background and we thoroughly understand your needs.

We offer the following services to get your system on the market quickly:

  • Adaptation of the sampler width in steps of 110mm
  • Use of any mix of standard rail-mounted options
  • Potential development of custom rail-mounted options
  • Custom software solutions
  • Special syringe and gripper solutions
  • Various software APIs for easy integration of sample handling into your software
  • Extensive (remote) diagnostic capabilities
  • No Handheld Controller (Gameboy) required for teaching or setting up the system!


HPLC Autosampler

Graphical Programming Interface

In order to achieve complex tasks by the end user, a modern programming interface is integrated into the sampler. This interface uses graphical building blocks to define custom tasks.
This programming technique has been developed at MIT as a teaching tool for accessible programming and has since been used to program robots.

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Multiple tasks can run simultaneously and can be triggered by various events such as an external start.
Other, more common programming techniques are available to professionals both inside the autosampler as well as from the external interfaces.
The graphical programming interface is also available as a plug-in for integration into your own software application.

*  The PRIMARIZ Graphical Programming interface is expected to be available Q2/2019.

Graphical Pretreatment Program

Chromatography Drivers

For Chromatography applications we offer instrument control driver support for the most widely used chromatography data systems available. We have adapted to the Agilent Instrument Control Framework/Rapid Control methodology. As a result our Instrument Control driver that was developed for Agilent OpenLAB can potentially also be used in other environments such as Thermo Fisher’s Chromeleon™ or Waters Empower™.
Support for other CDSs can be developed on request if there is a business case to support this.

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The feature-rich driver offers advanced functionality such as prep-ahead and dual port injection.

*  The PRIMARIZ OpenLAB driver is expected to be available Q4/2018.


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Success stories

Success story ModuVision Success story ModuVision Success story ModuVision

New autosampler and water analyser

In 2010 we were approached by the product manager of a reputable instrument manufacturing company from Silicon Valley. Their specialized spectroscopy equipment is sold around the world for isotope analysis in water.

The company was looking for a better and more affordable solution for the xyz autosampler system they were using at the time.  We shipped an evaluation system for them to try out and to integrate into their software.


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FIDCU-3 Controller moduvision FIDCU-3 Controller ModuVision Success story ModuVision

FIDCU-3 Controller

Recently we were asked to supply a prototype of the Auto-Ranging version of our FID Controller. The purpose was to add more analytical channels to a GC from one of the world’s top GC manufacturers.

To speed up the evaluation we had developed a control driver so that the data could be taken digitally in the exact same way as the original built-in GC FID detector.

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