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HPLC Autosampler

Primariz OEM XYZ-Autosampler

The Primariz is a workhorse xyz autosampler for manufacturers of analytical laboratory instrumentation. Due to its flexible design it can easily be deployed in a multitude of demanding applications. 


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D2EPC-2 moduvision

D2EPC-2 Analytical Grade Flow and Pressure control

There are many Mass Flow Controller (MFC) manufacturers. None of them have the pure analytical instrument background that ModuVision has to offer. We know what is needed in delicate analytical flow and pressure applications such as complex split/splitless configurations for GC. Give us a call to discuss your next project and find out! 

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Robotic Cooler Side

Robotic Cooler

Check out our new robotic cooler for stand/alone applications. When you have an application that requires cooled storage for a larger amount of sample vials or multiple microtiter plates or deep well plates this product is exactly what you need. It can store up to 390 vials of 2mL!

The system can be accessed remotely by using a software API. We also offer a simple remote control application that can be used to open and close the drawers from a PC UI.

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