New Management

24 May 2017

After a long preparation process, Applied Instruments (now operating as ModuVision) made a series of major changes to the ownership structure of the company. The founder of the company, Henk Klein Wolterink, stepped down as technical director and Gerda van de Beek was appointed as director of operations working closely with general director Jan Willem Mol.

At the same time, part of the shares that were held by Henk Klein Wolterink, were offered to the employees of ModuVision. By this change of ownership our employees will benefit from the success and the growth of the company. Henk will continue to work part time as technical consultant.

Applied Instruments was founded in 1999 and initially was operating as consultancy firm for MEMS sensor applications, specialist embedded software and analog data processing electronics for high resolution measurements.

In 2006 the company was restructured to become a pure player in the area of high tech analytical solutions for laboratory instrument manufacturers.

This change led to the introduction of the D2EPC-2 line of mass flow and pressure controllers that are specifically targeted for analytical applications. Today, a multitude of analytical instrument applications run with the D2EPC-2 product and around 20,000 channels of flow and/or pressure rely on its robustness and long term stability. Typical applications are elemental analysis, GC split/splitless applications, combustion detectors and many other applications.

In 2010 the line of ALS-G robotic sample handling instruments was added to the ModuVision portfolio. This very robust xyz workhorse has since been used by many instrument manufactures in very different applications.

ModuVision has enjoyed a steady and strong growth over the years and is proud to have a strong team in place. This team of nearly 15 specialists will build up the company further in many years to come.


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