FIDCU-3 Controller

Recently we were asked to supply a prototype of the Auto-Ranging version of our FID Controller. The purpose was to add more analytical channels to a GC from one of the world’s top GC manufacturers.

To speed up the evaluation we had developed a control driver so that the data could be taken digitally in the exact same way as the original built-in GC FID detector. The results confirmed the qualities of the FIDCU-3. Under the exact same conditions, both running at 50Hz sampling frequency, using the same sample and the same physical FID hardware, the Applied Instruments FID interface showed a S/N ratio that was at least 2-3 times better than the original manufacturer’s FID electronics!

The screen shots below show the results. The blue trace is the Applied Instruments FID interface signal where the green trace shows the original equipment FID electronics.

To make these results even more impressive; the Applied Instruments FIDCU-3 was lying on top of the GC close to the heated zones whereas the original FID electronics were nicely sheltered inside the GC cabinet.


FIDCU-3 Controller moduvision FIDCU-3 Controller moduvision FIDCU-3 Controller ModuVision Success story ModuVision

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Success story ModuVision Success story ModuVision Success story ModuVision

New autosampler and water analyser

In 2010 we were approached by the product manager of a reputable instrument manufacturing company from Silicon Valley. Their specialized spectroscopy equipment is sold around the world for isotope analysis in water.

The company was looking for a better and more affordable solution for the xyz autosampler system they were using at the time.  We shipped an evaluation system for them to try out and to integrate into their software.


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